Bold ’90s Basketball Sneakers: adidas Crazy 97, adidas Crazy 8, gz0983, Nike Air Force One, Reebok Kamikaze, and adidas Superstar.

Top 5 adidas 90s Basketball Shoes

If you want to make a statement on the hardwood with your sneakers, these are the ones for you. They’re bound to get some attention and start conversations amongst serious basketball and sneakerheads.

The adidas Crazy 97 has an eye-catching design and features the company’s Feet You Wear technology, which is basically soles that mimic the foot’s natural movement. It was a signature shoe for Kobe Bryant before he switched to Audi-designed Nike sneakers.

The Adidas Crazy 8

The Crazy 8 is the first sneaker to blur the lines between sneakers and high tops, and it was a hit among the basketball community thanks to its innovative design. Designed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the sneaker earned its nickname The Blueprint from its superior comfort and ability to boost players’ performance on the court.

While the gz0983 may not be as recognizable as a Jordan or an Iverson signature model, it remains a true sneaker classic. A suede upper highlighted by leather accents establishes a premium feel. Underfoot, a traditional Torsion system and adiPrene midsole cushioning provide support and stability.

Released in 1997 as the KB8, Kobe Bryant’s first non-signature shoe for adidas, it later became known as the Crazy 8. The OG black and white version features purple accents on the heel and tongue and Bryant’s former jersey number embroidered on the base of the tongue. Herringbone traction patterns keep feet locked in, no matter the surface.

The Nike Air Force One

It’s a sneaker so revolutionary and bold that it earned the nickname “Crazy.” The Nike Air Force 1 is an icon that has spanned decades with a design that still pushes the boundaries of basketball footwear.

Initially designed as a shoe to be worn off the court, this silhouette created sneaker culture and a new way of thinking about style. The AF1 is a shoe that can be dressed up or down, giving its wearer a sense of confidence and status.

This pair of AF1s features a unique winterized version, including a rolled leather upper and snow-friendly ‘lugs’ for unwavering grip on the ground. It is a combination that creates a perfect blend of function and style. These shoes also come equipped with a head-turning snakeskin panelling that makes the shoe truly one of a kind.

The Reebok Kamikaze

The ’90s were witness to some bold shoe designs and the Kamikaze is one of them. This signature sneaker of ’90s NBA superstar Shawn Kemp perfectly mirrored his dynamic play style, with riveting zigzag patterns and striking colorways. Originally rolled out in the league colors of Kemp’s Seattle Supersonics, this classic model continues to be a key part of the Hurrikaze legacy.

Reebok designer Ricardo Vestuti drew inspiration for this pair from a Venezuelan visual artist and came up with several possible names, including Altimeter, Eliminator and Adversary, before landing on Kamikaze.

The sneakers are designed for basketball and can be worn with a pair of joggers or sweatpants to create a stylish, sporty look. Many NBA players, such as Tyreke Evans, wear the Reebok Kamikaze to showcase their versatility on the court. In addition, this model features a durable design and responsive midsole that helps you perform at your best. The Reebok Kamikaze is a must-have for any basketball fan.

The Adidas Superstar

During the ’90s, adidas began to make a name for itself in basketball. When key players in the NBA wore sneakers like the Supergrip and its high-top predecessor, the Pro Model, people took notice.

In 1996, adidas signed Kobe Bryant as a rookie. He wore several adidas shoes in his career, including the KB 8, which features “Feet You Wear” technology. Basically, it mimics the shape of your foot to enhance the natural feel and movement of your feet. These shoes look more at home on the feet of an intergalactic tyrant hellbent on liquefying homosapiens than the hardwood, but they’re still pretty dope looking.

This sneaker also featured a rubber shell toe, which makes it extremely durable and sturdy. These are the perfect shoe for any guy who needs a pair of shoes that can last. The best part about this shoe is that you can rock it on the court or in everyday life.

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