Adidas Shoes Manufacturing

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

Sneaker brands handle design and a chunk of sales, but manufacturing is mostly outsourced to someone else. That someone else is usually in Asia.

Each of the components that go into a shoe are made in specialized factories. They’re also made in countries close to the sources of the raw materials that make them up.


Adidas is one of the biggest sports brands in the world and they outsource their products to independent factories and contractors. The company has high-quality standards that their manufacturers and contractors need to follow in order to make the perfect shoe. Some of their most popular shoes are made in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

In Asia, there are over 48 Adidas factories. They also have a lot of factories in Europe, including Germany, Italy, and Spain. They have numerous factories in Eastern and Central Europe, too, such as Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, and Poland.

There are also a lot of Adidas factories in South America, with the United States having 71 factories and Canada and Mexico having 29 each. There are even some in Africa, like Madagascar and Mauritius. They have a large presence in the region and they are expanding their operations there. Adidas is focusing more on their Speedfactories in Asia, where they can produce sneakers at a lower cost and closer to the consumers.


The continent of Africa has 24 factories dedicated to producing Adidas products, with South Africa boasting the largest Home of Sport concept store in the world – 1687 square metres of best-in-class retail space. Home of Sport is a curated experience that features a Run Lab showcasing leading adidas technology and an innovative Made for You section where footwear and apparel can be personalised with embroidery, engraving and badges.

Adidas’ target customers are typically sports enthusiasts, amateur or professional athletes and those who view sporting activities as a lifestyle and part of their self-image. The brand also appeals to the fashion-conscious, with collaborations with celebrities and designers like Stella McCartney and Kanye West generating huge interest.

This month, adidas launched a new line of trainers in partnership with artist and musician Pharrell Williams. The collection, called Solar Hu, draws its colours from the flags of East African countries. The shoes are available for purchase in shops and online today.


Adidas is a leading sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest brand worldwide, after Nike. The company designs and produces footwear, apparel, and accessories for a variety of athletic activities and has a wide range of retail stores, e-commerce sites, and franchises around the world.

Adidas employs a vast network of manufacturers and suppliers to create their products, and they work with them to ensure social and environmental compliance. They typically seek out manufacturing locations that offer competitive production costs and are close to their major markets for efficient distribution.

Germany houses the most factories for Adidas in Europe, with 23 plants as of 2010, up from 13 in 2009. Italy, Spain, and the UK each have over 10 factories, while Eastern and Central Europe feature numerous plants in Belarus, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine. The company also has seven factories in Sweden, which is its largest plant in the continent. The company’s flagship Speedfactory in Bavaria customizes shoes from raw materials daily.

North and South America

Adidas is a sportswear brand that has made shoes, clothing and accessories for a long time. Its products are sold worldwide and the brand is known for collaborating with innovators in order to push the boundaries of athletic performance. The company has even sent soccer balls to space in order to test how they perform in weightless conditions.

The Adidas brand is owned by the Adidas Group, which includes several other companies as well. The company’s headquarters is located in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Its corporate office is called Arena, due to its unique design that resembles a stadium.

The brand is known for its Boost technology, which uses thermoplastic polyurethane material to improve shock absorption. This helps athletes run faster and more consistently. The company also produces clothing and accessories, such as slide-style sandals, mobile phone cases, socks, eyewear and bags. It is the official sponsor of the Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils in the Indian Premier League.

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