Global Manufacturing Practices of Adidas: A Closer Look

Where Adidas Clothes Are Made

Adidas offers a wide range of shoes and clothing that combine superior quality, functional design, and eco-friendly materials. Their Made to Be Remade line is designed to be recycled into new products at the end of their lifespan.

In terms of production, China leads the way with 337 factories followed by India, Indonesia and Vietnam with 79, 76 and 79 factories respectively.


Adidas makes most of their shoes in China, which has 337 factories producing their goods. The largest is YueYuen in Dongguan, where 50,000 people work. The company also has factories in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and Thailand.

Despite the fact that China is still a crucial manufacturing hub, many Adidas products are now made in other countries. Vietnam, for instance, is now the second biggest supplier of Adidas clothes after China, making up 21 percent of the sportswear manufacturer’s production.

The German sportswear brand is committed to responsible sourcing and uses a comprehensive set of standards that it shares with its suppliers. It also conducts regular audits of its factories. These are based on the Adidas Workplace Standards that include due diligence, worker rights, health and safety provisions, and environmental management. The company also publishes its global factory list, which has been updated regularly since 2007. It is a vital resource for consumers who want to support responsible businesses.


Adidas clothing is made in a wide range of countries, including China, Indonesia and Vietnam. The company adheres to strict standards of ethical and sustainable production, and they work closely with their suppliers to ensure that the well-being of workers is a priority.

The brand’s factories follow the Adidas Supplier Workplace Standards, which include a comprehensive set of guidelines for worker health and safety, freedom of association, ethical treatment of employees, prohibition of child and forced labor and fair wages. These standards are incorporated into the contractual agreements that Adidas signs with its suppliers.

Despite being known for their innovative manufacturing techniques, Adidas has closed high-tech “speed factories” in Germany and the US, saying that outsourcing production to Asia would be more flexible and economical. However, the company continues to work with independent supplier facilities in order to maintain control of quality. As such, it remains one of the most reputable brands in the industry when it comes to transparent supply chain practices.


Adidas works with a vast network of manufacturing partners to create the vast array of products that carry their name. They seek out independent suppliers who adhere to their stringent quality standards and are committed to social and environmental compliance.

They also prefer to manufacture in regions where labor and operational costs are low. This allows them to keep prices competitive globally. They also produce in regions close to major markets for faster product distribution.

In addition to their core athletics line, the company designs and produces slide-style sandals, mobile accessories, watches, eyewear, bags, baseball caps and socks. They also have a branded range of male and female deodorants, perfumes and aftershaves.


Adidas’s diverse global supply chain allows the brand to produce in locations with low operating costs and proximity to their markets. This makes them a competitive option in the global footwear industry.

The brand works with a number of independent factories to manufacture their products. They prioritize sustainability and ethical working conditions in their supplier relationships. They also require strict quality standards for their manufacturers. They publish their global factory lists and work with suppliers who meet their standards.

Asia houses the most Adidas factories, with China and Vietnam having the highest number of production facilities. Indonesia is another important manufacturing hub for the company. The company invests in Indonesia with programs like energy management training and the SMS worker hotline project that help improve working conditions. They also sponsor a number of soccer teams, including Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League. Their partnership with these teams promotes awareness of the company’s products.

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Powerball Sites: Embark on a Digital Journey of Lottery Thrills

In the world of online gaming, 파워볼 사이트, or Powerball sites, have become a beacon of excitement for lottery enthusiasts. These platforms offer a virtual gateway to one of the most thrilling lottery games where dreams can turn into reality with the single click of a button. A Powerball site isn’t just an online destination; it’s a community where hope and fortune converge, where every player has a shot at the colossal jackpots that have become synonymous with the game.

The 파워볼, a game of numbers, is simple yet captivating. To play, one must choose a combination of numbers – some from a specified range and another, the ‘Powerball’, from a smaller range. The magic happens during the draw, where balls randomly selected determine the fate of millions. It’s a game of chance with the power to alter lives in mere moments.

But step into a Powerball site, and you’re stepping into much more than just a lotto draw. You’re entering a meticulously designed experience aimed at facilitating fun while maximizing your chances of winning. The sites are crafted with the user in mind, ensuring that navigation is as intuitive as the hope is abundant. Whether checking the latest results, gleaning tips on number selections, or actually purchasing a ticket, every aspect is made seamless.

Expert Powerball sites leverage state-of-the-art technology to create a platform that’s both secure and trustworthy. Security protocols are in place to protect personal information, while random number generators ensure that the game remains fair for all. It’s a digital fortress where trust is the foundation, allowing players to cast their bets with peace of mind.

Moreover, these sites often provide players with a treasure trove of resources. From past winning numbers to frequency charts, players have access to tools that may just tilt the odds in their favor. Some even offer syndicate play, increasing one’s chances by pooling together tickets with other players – a strategy as communal as it is clever.

In the crescendo of the Powerball experience, anticipation is palpable. The moments before the draw are filled with a quiet optimism, a collective breath-holding of the global community that gets to witness possibilities unfold. And when the winning numbers are revealed, lives change. For the lucky ones, it’s a triumph, a testament to the enchantment of chance. For others, it’s the promise that their time may just come next.

As we wrap up, let’s ponder a few questions that enthusiasts often ask:

1. What are the odds of winning the 파워볼 jackpot?

2. Can I play 파워볼 from outside the United States?

3. How are winnings from 파워볼 sites claimed?

4. Are there strategies to improve my chances of winning on Powerball sites?

5. What happens to unclaimed 파워볼 prizes?

Engaging with a 파워볼 사이트 is more than a mere gamble; it’s an immersion into a digital sphere where the extraordinary is just a play away. With technology, community, and a sprinkle of luck, Powerball sites construct a matrix of potentiality, and in doing so, they keep the dream of fortune alive.…


Unlock the Courtside Action: NBA중계 – A Bridge to Basketball Enthusiasm

Immersing yourself in the pulsating heart of basketball culture, nothing quite compares to the thrill of live NBA action. There’s an electricity that courses through the veins of fans as they watch titans clash on the hardwood. For aficionados spread across the globe, the accessibility to NBA중계 (NBA broadcasts) is a lifeline to this spectacle.

Imagine, for a moment, finding yourself nestled comfortably at home or even on the move, with the ability to dive headfirst into the latest game. The power of the internet has knit a fine mesh, connecting enthusiasts to their beloved sport with the mere click of a button. Through the lens of technology, borders fade, and the court is brought to your very doorstep.

The beguiling dance of the ball, a symphony of sneakers screeching, and the crowd’s roar fuel an addiction to the game’s pace and palpitations. And at the apex of this digital rendezvous stands the streaming service—a modern-day Colosseum host. It ensures that not a single moment of the adrenaline-fueled drama is missed by those who bleed their team’s colors.

For the uninitiated, navigating the prolific streams might feel akin to catching a slippery fish with bare hands. Yet, the seasoned viewer knows that a reliable source is akin to finding a treasure map where X marks the spot. Disseminating these broadcasts calls for a platform that is not only intuitive but also culturally synchronized to resonate with its audience.

Securing a front-row seat to the NBA in real-time connects you, the viewer, to an illustrious narrative dotted with the exploits of legends and the ascension of neophytes. It is here, within the well-oiled machine of athletic prowess and tactical brilliance, that tales are spun and legacies forged.

In the grand scheme of things, the connective tissue of the NBA’s narrative is its community—a melting pot of language, tradition, and sheer passion. For Korean fans, the provision of an NBA중계 is more than a service; it is a bridge to a universal revelry, a bastion of collective anticipation.

Amid the sea of statistics and strategies, player rivalries and franchise sagas unfurl. Each game a chapter, each season an epoch, the NBA presents a living history book that invites not mere viewership but participatory witness. Why, then, should anyone miss the opportunity to indulge in this feast for the senses?

As the clock ticks down, and the final buzzer is on the horizon, a culmination of emotions brims to the surface. Victory and despair, triumph, and tribulation are shared not just by the players, but by every spectator drawn into the cathartic fold of the NBA experience.

To satisfy the yearning for this connection, clicking on opens a portal to an experience that defies barriers and embraces the universal language of basketball enthusiasm. Bringing each slam dunk, each three-pointer, and each tactical maneuver into sharp resolution, it exemplifies the zenith of sports broadcasting.

In conclusion, the world of sports is an ever-spinning carousel, offering forth its kaleidoscopic thrills to those who dare to ride. The NBA, in all its glory, extends an open invitation—seize it, and be transported to courtside action that rearranges the mundane into the unforgettable.


**What is NBA중계?**
NBA중계 refers to the broadcast or streaming of NBA games, particularly for those seeking access to live basketball content in Korea.

**How can I watch NBA broadcasts in my local language?**
To watch NBA broadcasts in your local language, look for streaming services that offer localized commentary options, such as NBA중계.

**Is streaming NBA games online legal?**
Streaming NBA games online is legal as long as you use officially licensed platforms or services that have rights to broadcast the games.

**Can I access NBA중계 from anywhere in the world?**
Accessibility of NBA중계 may vary based on regional restrictions and the availability of localized streaming services.

**Do I need a subscription to watch NBA중계?**
Depending on the streaming service provider, you may need a subscription or lease for access to live NBA중계.…


Adidas LA Trainer Black: Retro Style with Innovative Technology

The Adidas LA Trainer Black Relaunches at 80s Casual Classics

Adidas is a German sportswear manufacturer founded in 1949 in Herzogenaurach. They produce footwear, apparel, accessories and equipment for a wide range of sports. They also design and manufacture slide-style sandals.

Throughout the 80s classic running silhouettes like the Los Angeles trainer made their mark. They were endorsed by runners and even rock stars.


It doesn’t take being a runner to appreciate the legacy of this adidas trainer. Relaunching here at 80s Casual Classics with retro midsole plugs and OG colourways, this new version of the Los Angeles trainer brings a blend of suede and mesh for an easy-going style that will work equally well in the gym as it does out on the street.

One of the original styles that helped adidas gain clout during the 1984 Olympics, the LA trainer was a stand out feature in adidas’ ‘Spirit Of The Games’ campaign and is known for its innovative peg system cushioning. Unlike traditional running shoes, this was able to be adjusted based on the user’s foot weight and requirements for optimal support and comfort.

That peg system has been reworked and redesigned for this new model, which features a unique wavy aesthetic to the upper. It’s made from a breathable, flexible and durable ballistic nylon that is tough enough for hard training. It also feels great on the foot, with the woven material being comparable to Primeknit and Flyknit.

The reworked upper is also adorned with a variety of detailing, from two-tone laces to reflective 3D prints and debossed segments. This is what makes it feel special and premium while still remaining a trainer. They’re suitable for a wide range of training, from boxing to plyometrics, thanks to the grippy outer sole and flex in the forefoot.

It’s been a while since adidas has released a proper training shoe, with most of the models they’ve put out in that time being mostly running shoes in disguise. But now that they’ve sold Reebok, expect a return to the world of strength sports.

Buy the new adidas l.a. trainer black at The Sole Supplier now.

With a tonal black look and sleek touches of grey, this is the perfect way to add some adidas flair to your outfit. Plus, the woven fabric upper will keep your feet cool and comfortable even when you’re working up a sweat. The grippy outsole is designed with three adidas logos to keep you steady whatever the challenge is, whether that’s lifting heavy or just chilling with your squad. If you want to customise your pair, head over to the mi adidas website and create your own bespoke LA Trainer. You can even choose from three iterations of the silhouette; Classic, Premium and Weave, each with their own unique features. For example the Classic uses a mesh upper while the premium gives you the option to apply metal studs to the famous stripes.

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Bold ’90s Basketball Sneakers: adidas Crazy 97, adidas Crazy 8, gz0983, Nike Air Force One, Reebok Kamikaze, and adidas Superstar.

Top 5 adidas 90s Basketball Shoes

If you want to make a statement on the hardwood with your sneakers, these are the ones for you. They’re bound to get some attention and start conversations amongst serious basketball and sneakerheads.

The adidas Crazy 97 has an eye-catching design and features the company’s Feet You Wear technology, which is basically soles that mimic the foot’s natural movement. It was a signature shoe for Kobe Bryant before he switched to Audi-designed Nike sneakers.

The Adidas Crazy 8

The Crazy 8 is the first sneaker to blur the lines between sneakers and high tops, and it was a hit among the basketball community thanks to its innovative design. Designed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the sneaker earned its nickname The Blueprint from its superior comfort and ability to boost players’ performance on the court.

While the gz0983 may not be as recognizable as a Jordan or an Iverson signature model, it remains a true sneaker classic. A suede upper highlighted by leather accents establishes a premium feel. Underfoot, a traditional Torsion system and adiPrene midsole cushioning provide support and stability.

Released in 1997 as the KB8, Kobe Bryant’s first non-signature shoe for adidas, it later became known as the Crazy 8. The OG black and white version features purple accents on the heel and tongue and Bryant’s former jersey number embroidered on the base of the tongue. Herringbone traction patterns keep feet locked in, no matter the surface.

The Nike Air Force One

It’s a sneaker so revolutionary and bold that it earned the nickname “Crazy.” The Nike Air Force 1 is an icon that has spanned decades with a design that still pushes the boundaries of basketball footwear.

Initially designed as a shoe to be worn off the court, this silhouette created sneaker culture and a new way of thinking about style. The AF1 is a shoe that can be dressed up or down, giving its wearer a sense of confidence and status.

This pair of AF1s features a unique winterized version, including a rolled leather upper and snow-friendly ‘lugs’ for unwavering grip on the ground. It is a combination that creates a perfect blend of function and style. These shoes also come equipped with a head-turning snakeskin panelling that makes the shoe truly one of a kind.

The Reebok Kamikaze

The ’90s were witness to some bold shoe designs and the Kamikaze is one of them. This signature sneaker of ’90s NBA superstar Shawn Kemp perfectly mirrored his dynamic play style, with riveting zigzag patterns and striking colorways. Originally rolled out in the league colors of Kemp’s Seattle Supersonics, this classic model continues to be a key part of the Hurrikaze legacy.

Reebok designer Ricardo Vestuti drew inspiration for this pair from a Venezuelan visual artist and came up with several possible names, including Altimeter, Eliminator and Adversary, before landing on Kamikaze.

The sneakers are designed for basketball and can be worn with a pair of joggers or sweatpants to create a stylish, sporty look. Many NBA players, such as Tyreke Evans, wear the Reebok Kamikaze to showcase their versatility on the court. In addition, this model features a durable design and responsive midsole that helps you perform at your best. The Reebok Kamikaze is a must-have for any basketball fan.

The Adidas Superstar

During the ’90s, adidas began to make a name for itself in basketball. When key players in the NBA wore sneakers like the Supergrip and its high-top predecessor, the Pro Model, people took notice.

In 1996, adidas signed Kobe Bryant as a rookie. He wore several adidas shoes in his career, including the KB 8, which features “Feet You Wear” technology. Basically, it mimics the shape of your foot to enhance the natural feel and movement of your feet. These shoes look more at home on the feet of an intergalactic tyrant hellbent on liquefying homosapiens than the hardwood, but they’re still pretty dope looking.

This sneaker also featured a rubber shell toe, which makes it extremely durable and sturdy. These are the perfect shoe for any guy who needs a pair of shoes that can last. The best part about this shoe is that you can rock it on the court or in everyday life.

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The Rise of 메이저사이트: Trusted and Secure Online Gaming Platforms

The internet is brimming with platforms promising the thrills of gaming and the potential for big wins, but one term that frequently pops up for those in the know is 메이저사이트, or “major site” in English. Within the frame of trusted online gaming destinations, these major sites are distinguished beacons of entertainment and security.

Have you ever stumbled upon a 먹튀검증 before venturing into the online gaming sphere? It’s a common practice users undergo to avoid the pitfalls of less reliable sites. While navigating this digital playground, the importance of reliability cannot be overstressed. That’s exactly what 메이저사이트 offers – a verified space that cushions your gaming experience with trustworthiness and dependability.

Joining a reputed major site means embracing a blend of excitement and safety. Here, users savour the vast offerings of games – from classic table games to innovative slots – without fretting over the integrity of the platform. It’s akin to choosing a five-star resort over a roadside inn; both provide shelter, yet the experience and reassurance differ vastly.

What truly sets 메이저사이트 apart, however, is their commitment to user satisfaction and site security. The layers of encryption and the strict privacy protocols ensure that your personal details remain exactly that – personal. Moreover, these sites usually offer comprehensive customer support, making sure that any issues are swiftly addressed, which could be crucial should a query or concern arise.

Complementing the peace of mind provided by these factors is the seamless transaction process afforded by 메이저사이트. Deposits and withdrawals are conducted with utmost efficiency, allowing players to manage their funds with ease and confidence.

In conclusion, 메이저사이트 stands as a paragon of what online gaming platforms strive to be: fun, fair, and steadfast. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the realm of online entertainment, these major sites promise a well-rounded and secure experience.


What is a 메이저사이트?
– It refers to a major site known for its credibility and safe online gaming environment, providing users with verified platforms for entertainment.

How do I find a reliable 메이저사이트?
– Look for sites that have undergone thorough 먹튀검증 (eating and running verification), hold valid gaming licenses, and boast strong security measures.

What makes 메이저사이트 better than other gaming platforms?
– Their commitment to user security, customer service, game variety, and efficient banking processes set them apart.

Are transactions on 메이저사이트 secure?
– Yes, they use advanced encryption to protect users’ financial and personal data, ensuring secure deposits and withdrawals.

Can I access 메이저사이트 from anywhere in the world?
– While many are accessible globally, it’s crucial to check the site’s terms and regulations, as some may have geographical restrictions.…


Stay cool and comfortable in these eco-friendly men’s training shorts.

Men’s Aeroready Primegreen Axis Training Shorts

2. Comfortable

The soft, ventilated fabric of these training shorts will keep you cool and comfortable while you hustle around the court. Wide horizontal 3-Stripes and adidas club tennis branding on the leg add a sporty finish to these men’s Aeroready Primegreen Axis training shorts, which are made with recycled materials as part of the adidas Primegreen collection. Pair these shorts with adidas tennis shoes to complete your look. Find the perfect fit for you and your team with adidas’ range of men’s training and performance shorts.

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